AHC Story

Asian Health was founded in 2018 by Ananth and Dr. Hari Priya with a vision to bring exceptional primary care to everyone. They believe that primary care is a fundamental right of every person and it needs to be high quality, modern, effective and affordable. It is with this unwavering focus that Asian Health Clinic serviced over 3000+ families in the span of 4 years since its inception.

Asian Health Clinic always believes in walking longer roads together and hence welcomes partnerships that help provide exceptional service to the people. Very quickly it tied up with institutions and offered free medical diagnosis in the neighbourhoods. Crowds exploded to these camps and availed great benefits from the diagnosis services. Free diagnostic services offered included Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PBS), Random Blood Sugar (RBS), Fasting Lipid Profile, HbA1C, Eye Check Ups and many more.

AHC faced unique challenges during the 2020 pandemic like every other healthcare institution. It was bombarded with panic struck people from everywhere looking for advice on protecting their families from the deadly viral outbreak. It is during this time that Dr. Hari Priya went fully public releasing helpful information on preventive measures to be taken by everyone to stay safe. Her methodical explanation won her a lot of recognition in the regional community.

Now, Asian Health Clinic is determined to grow as the strongest primary care network across India servicing more than a million families by 2030.


Ananth Vinnakota


Ananth is the Founder of Asian Health Clinic, a compassionate humanitarian who is dedicated to bring the latest primary care treatments as early as possible to the society and make it affordable.

Ananth received a Masters in Engineering Management from California State University and pursued a long successful career in the US before returning to India. He is a determined personality aiming to achieve excellence in the healthcare service. This led him to start Asian Health Clinic, a neighborhood care clinic focusing on simplifying access to world class primary care.

Currently Ananth is in various leadership and advisory roles leading game changing transformations across industries. Under his leadership Asian Health Clinic is determined to expand its reach across India and to touch the lives of a million people by 2025.

Dr.Hari Priya

Dr. Hari Priya

Co-Founder & Chief Consultant

Dr. Hari Priya, Co-Founder of Asian Health Clinic is a healthcare professional with noble ethics, extreme sensitivity towards people and a huge believer of non-commercialization of healthcare system.

Dr. Hari Priya received her MD (General Medicine) from NTR Health University. An exceptional personality groomed in a leading doctor’s family thereby experiencing patient management from her childhood. She emphasizes on the need for basic medical awareness in the society for which she participates in health talk shows in various channels.

Under the leadership of Dr. Hari Priya, Asian Health Clinic is poised to offer accurate, sensitive and affordable primary care in India. She is determined to build a primary care network across India that will be accessible to people from anywhere in the world.


Latest Treatment Should Be Available Immediately To Patients

At Asian Health Clinic, we are constantly learning both from patient experiences and involved in industry research and university research programs to ensure that the latest and greatest treatment is made available to people immediately. We are constantly building a knowledge network for our team to depend on.

Provide Accurate Diagnosis Quickly

70% of the conditions that people are faced with everyday can be treated at the primary care phase. To us this shows the extreme responsibility we bear in the society to guide people in the right direction.

Our Team Is Our Strength

Our doctors and team mean every syllable they said in the Hippocratic Oath. They strive at any hour of the day to act in the best interest of people. Our success is the credit of every single team member in the Asian Health Clinic family. Trust, responsibility and sensitivity are the traits that hold our family together and make us the strongest of all.